Are Preston and Brianna Still Together? A Closer Look at Their Relationship Status in 2024

In the dynamic world of social media, it’s easy to get caught up in rumors, especially about the personal lives of famous personalities.

Are Preston and Brianna Still Together A Closer Look at Their Relationship Status in 2024
Are Preston and Brianna Still Together A Closer Look at Their Relationship Status in 2024

Recently, the spotlight has turned to Preston Arsement and Brianna Arsement, also known to their fans as PrestonPlayz and BriannaPlayz.

Many fans are wondering about their current relationship status in 2024.

Summary Of Are Preston and Brianna Still Together?

Key Points Details
Current Status Preston and Brianna are still together in 2024.
Background Met on a blind date and married in May 2018.
Social Media Influence Both are successful YouTubers with millions of followers.
Rumors Addressed No truth to the rumors of a breakup.

Relationship Timeline

Preston and Brianna’s love story began with a blind date that led them to chat over coffee for hours. This connection quickly evolved into a deep relationship, leading to their engagement in October 2017.

They celebrated their wedding at Dallas Union Station in May 2018, a moment Preston shared on his YouTube channel, PrestonPlayz.

Meet Preston & Brianna

Preston Arsement:

  • Career Start: 2010, focusing on video games like Fortnite, Among Us, and Minecraft.
  • YouTube Subscribers: 22.3 million on PrestonPlayz; 7.67 million on TBNRFrags.

Brianna Assessment:

  • Career Background: Former emergency room nurse, turned YouTuber with Preston’s encouragement.
  • YouTube Growth: Launched BriannaPlayz in December 2018 and reached one million subscribers within a year.
  • Other Interests: Singing, acting in stage musicals like “Legally Blonde”, and a love for Disney and “Harry Potter”.

Addressing the Rumors

Despite swirling rumors of a breakup, Preston and Brianna’s marriage remains strong. They continue to share their lives with their followers, displaying a loving and supportive relationship.

Their journey is a testament to their commitment, which has only grown over the years.

The Importance of Reliable Information

As public figures, Preston and Brianna often face unfounded gossip. It’s essential to focus on verified information and not get swayed by baseless rumors, especially regarding their relationship.


The Preston and Brianna Agreement is still together in 2024. Their relationship stands as a beacon of stability and love amidst the often chaotic world of social media.

By sticking to the facts and dismissing rumors, fans can continue to support them and enjoy their content with clarity and understanding.


When did Preston and Brianna get married?

Preston and Brianna tied the knot on May 12, 2018.

Are there any recent videos about Preston and Brianna’s relationship?

Yes, both Preston and Brianna regularly update their social media with content about their lives, including their relationship.

How can fans keep up with Preston and Brianna’s updates?

Fans can follow their YouTube channels, PrestonPlayz and BriannaPlayz, as well as their other social media accounts for the latest updates.

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