Discover the Return of Ivy Forrester to “The Bold and the Beautiful”

Ivy Forrester, played by Ashleigh Brewer, is a captivating character on “The Bold and the Beautiful,” a soap opera set in Los Angeles that focuses on the Forrester family’s high-end fashion business.

Discover the Return of Ivy Forrester to "The Bold and the Beautiful"
Discover the Return of Ivy Forrester to “The Bold and the Beautiful”

Since her debut in 2014, Ivy has been a central figure in the series, intriguing viewers with her compelling persona and dramatic story arcs.

Key Summary Points

Detail Information
Character Ivy Forrester
Actress Ashleigh Brewer
Show The Bold and the Beautiful
Debut 2014
Role Jewelry designer at Forrester Creations
Family The youngest daughter of John and Claire Forrester
Notable Relations Niece to Eric Forrester, romantic ties with Liam and Wyatt
Return to the Show 2024, after a hiatus since 2018

Career Snapshot: Ashleigh Brewer

Ashleigh Brewer, an Australian actress, began her career in acting at just 12 years old. She first appeared in “The Sleepover Club” and then moved on to “H2O: Just Add Water.”

Ashleigh is well-known for her role as Kate Ramsay in “Neighbours,” a role she held from 2009 to 2014. In the same year she left “Neighbours,” she joined “The Bold and the Beautiful” as Ivy Forrester.

Role Details: Ivy Forrester in the Show

In “The Bold and the Beautiful,” Ivy is portrayed as the youngest daughter of John and Claire Forrester, making her the niece of Eric Forrester, the family patriarch. She was introduced in the series as a new jewelry designer for Forrester Creations, taking over from Quinn Fuller.

Ivy quickly made a mark in the fashion world and among the audience with her persuasive and strong character.

What Happened to Ivy Forrester?

Ivy’s journey in the show has been full of ups and downs. After enduring tumultuous romances and family conflicts, Ivy left for Australia in 2018.

However, she made a surprising return to the show in 2024, sparking excitement and drama in the storyline, particularly affecting Liam and his current relationships.


When did Ivy Forrester first appear on the show?

Ivy Forrester first appeared on “The Bold and the Beautiful” in 2014.

What led to Ivy Forrester’s return to the show in 2024?

The specifics of her return are part of the ongoing storyline, which includes rekindling old relationships and creating drama.

What roles did Ashleigh Brewer play before joining The Bold and the Beautiful?

Before joining “The Bold and the Beautiful,” Ashleigh Brewer was known for her roles in “The Sleepover Club,” “H2O: Just Add Water,” and “Neighbours.”


Ivy Forrester’s return to “The Bold and the Beautiful” in 2024 has reintroduced an element of intrigue and drama to the show. Her complex character and the experienced portrayal by Ashleigh Brewer continue to captivate the audience, making Ivy’s story one of the most followed narratives in the series.

The future episodes promise to deliver more twists and emotional confrontations, keeping viewers glued to their screens.

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