Is Rocky Carroll Leaving NCIS? Unpacking the Fate of Director Vance

NCIS, a popular CBS police procedural, has been captivating audiences since 2003. It delves into the lives of agents from the Major Case Response Team of the Naval Criminal Investigation Service, handling crimes tied to the US Navy and Marine Corps.

Is Rocky Carroll Leaving NCIS? Unpacking the Fate of Director Vance
Is Rocky Carroll Leaving NCIS? Unpacking the Fate of Director Vance

Rocky Carroll stars as Leon Vance, the team’s director, whose recent ordeal in the series 1000th episode sparked rumors of his departure.

Key Points

  • Show Background: NCIS started in 2003 and is among the longest-running primetime dramas in the US.
  • Character Overview: Rocky Carroll plays Leon Vance, who became the NCIS director in Season 5 following the death of Jenny Shepard.
  • Recent Developments: In the 1000th episode aired on April 16, 2024, Vance was shot, leading to speculation about Carroll’s future on the show.

Recent Events and Speculations

During a significant episode—marked as the 1000th of the series—Leon Vance experienced a life-threatening moment when a sniper shot him in the back while he was visiting his late wife’s grave.

This event caused severe heart and lung injuries, necessitating immediate surgery.

Viewers were left wondering whether this marks the end of Rocky Carroll’s character on the show.

Is Rocky Carroll Leaving NCIS?

The Answer: No. Despite the severe injuries Vance suffered, he survived. Rocky Carroll is not exiting the show at this time.

The incident served as a poignant plot device, bringing Vance closer to his estranged son, Jared, by the episode’s end.

After a successful surgery, Vance’s recovery is expected to sideline him for a few episodes, but Carroll teased his return in the season finale, hinting at exciting developments.


Rocky Carroll’s portrayal of Director Vance remains integral to NCIS. While the character has a tough recovery ahead, fans can rest assured that Carroll is not leaving the show.

The dramatic events merely add depth to his role and set the stage for future episodes. Stay tuned as Season 21 promises to bring more thrilling and heartfelt moments.


How long has NCIS been on air?

Since 2003, it one of the longest-running primetime dramas in the US.

What happened to Vance in the 1000th episode?

He was shot in the back by a sniper, leading to critical injuries but survived after emergency surgery.

Will Rocky Carroll continue to appear on NCIS?

Yes, Carroll has confirmed his return and teased that the final episode of Season 21 will be significant.

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