Is Steve Doocy Planning to Leave Fox News? Insights on the “Fox & Friends” Host’s Current Role

Steve Doocy, a prominent television host and political analyst, has been a significant figure on Fox News since 1996. Recently, there has been speculation about his future with the network, particularly regarding his role as co-anchor on the popular morning show “Fox & Friends.”

Is Steve Doocy Planning to Leave Fox News? Insights on the "Fox & Friends" Host's Current Role
Is Steve Doocy Planning to Leave Fox News? Insights on the “Fox & Friends” Host’s Current Role

This article delves into Doocy’s contributions to the network, his recent activities, and the rumors surrounding his potential departure.

Key Summary Points

Aspect Details
Current Role Co-anchor of “Fox & Friends”
Career Start First on-air DJ at KJHK radio
Recent Controversies Disagreements with co-hosts, especially concerning political issues
Awards 11 Emmy Awards, honors from the Associated Press and Society of Professional Journalists

Who is Steve Doocy?

Early Career and Rise

Steve Doocy began his media journey as the first on-air disc jockey at KJHK radio. His move to television was marked by his role at Fox News, where he started co-hosting “Fox & Friends” in 1998.

His engaging style and in-depth reporting have made him a favorite among viewers.

Awards and Recognition

Over his career, Doocy has earned multiple accolades, including 11 Emmy Awards. His contributions to journalism have been recognized by major organizations such as the Associated Press and the Society of Professional Journalists, highlighting his excellence in TV reporting and writing.

Current Role at Fox News

Contributions and Impact

As a mainstay on “Fox & Friends,” Steve Doocy plays a critical role in the show’s success and is integral to Fox News’ daily operations.

His ability to discuss complex topics understandably has kept him relevant in the competitive news landscape.

Recent Challenges

In 2022 and 2023, Doocy made headlines for his open disagreements with co-hosts regarding the Joe Biden-Ukraine investigation. His stance led to criticisms from prominent figures, including former President Donald Trump, and affected his interactions with other Fox News guests.

Rumors of Departure

Speculations and Statements

Despite rumors of his departure, there has been no official confirmation from Doocy or Fox News. The lack of a formal announcement suggests that he remains a valued member of the Fox News team.

Fan Support and Future Projects

Doocy’s fans continue to support him enthusiastically, looking forward to his future endeavors at Fox News. His charm and reliability as a host suggest that he will continue to be a key figure in the network.


How long has Steve Doocy been with Fox News?

Steve Doocy has been with Fox News since 1996 and has co-hosted “Fox & Friends” since 1998.

What awards has Steve Doocy won?

Steve Doocy has won 11 Emmy Awards and has received multiple honors from organizations like the Associated Press and the Society of Professional Journalists.

Is Steve Doocy leaving Fox News?

As of now, there is no official confirmation that Steve Doocy is leaving Fox News.

What controversies has Steve Doocy been involved in recently?

Recently, Doocy has been noted for his disagreements with co-hosts regarding the Joe Biden-Ukraine investigation, which have sparked discussions in the media.


Steve Doocy’s role at Fox News remains robust and impactful, despite the speculations about his future. His ongoing commitment to quality journalism and his ability to engage with a wide audience continues to make him a pivotal figure on the network.

Fans can rest assured that Doocy will likely grace their screens for more mornings to come, contributing to the discourse with his well-recognized charm and expertise.

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