What Happened to BeastEater? The Story Behind Her Latest TikTok Video Buzz

BeastEater, an American dancer and social media personality, recently stirred up concern among her followers with her latest TikTok video.

What Happened to BeastEater? The Story Behind Her Latest TikTok Video Buzz
What Happened to BeastEater? The Story Behind Her Latest TikTok Video Buzz

This post showcased her suffering from a chemical burn and a bacterial infection, sparking widespread worry and conversation among her fans.

Key Summary Points

  • Background: BeastEater is known for her dance and lip-sync videos on TikTok, where she gained significant popularity.
  • Recent Incident: She posted a video with visible chemical burns on her face, caused by expired skincare products.
  • Reaction and Support: Despite the severity of her injuries, she expressed gratitude towards the medical team helping her recover.

BeastEater’s Social Media Journey

Starting her TikTok channel in 2019, BeastEater, whose real name is Margarucci, quickly became a viral sensation thanks to her dance and lip-sync videos.

Initially, she struggled with her confidence, particularly regarding her appearance, choosing to wear wigs to cover her short hairstyle.

Over time, with support from her boyfriend, Marcus Olin, she embraced her natural look, which was well-received by her audience.

Early Challenges

BeastEater had a tough teenage phase, marked by loneliness and troubles. Her break came when she discovered TikTok, which became her platform for expression and creativity.

Her transformation from a hesitant beginner to a confident dancer was heavily influenced by the dance tutorials of Matt Steffanina, a renowned choreographer.

The Incident Explained

Recently, BeastEater experienced a severe reaction after using expired skincare products, resulting in chemical burns on her face.

This incident was severe enough to be shared on TikTok, showing her followers the extent of the damage. The burns were initially treated at an urgent care facility rather than an emergency room, which complicated her recovery.

Her situation worsened due to the use of steam on her face, leading to a bacterial infection.

Recovery and Support

Despite the painful ordeal, BeastEater is on the mend, thanks to professional medical help. She has been advised to rest and avoid public appearances to ensure a full recovery.

Her recent updates have shown gratitude for the support and care she’s received, highlighting her journey towards healing.


BeastEater’s recent health scare serves as a reminder of the importance of using skincare products safely.

It also underscores the supportive role that social media can play in such times, providing a platform for sharing experiences and receiving support. Her resilience in the face of adversity continues to inspire her audience.

BeastEater’s ordeal has highlighted not only the risks associated with beauty products but also the strength and recovery that can come with timely medical intervention and community support.


What caused BeastEater’s facial injuries?

Expired skincare products led to chemical burns on her face.

Why didn’t she go to the ER immediately?

She initially chose to go to urgent care, which delayed the proper treatment for her burns.

How is she now?

She is recovering, with professional medical treatment, and has expressed her gratitude towards the medical staff.

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