Who is the Best Team in Premier League History?

The debate over the best team in Premier League history is a hot topic among football enthusiasts. With the league’s inception in 1992, numerous outstanding teams have left an indelible mark on English football.

The Contenders

Manchester United

Manchester United has been a dominant force in the Premier League, with a record 13 titles. Under Sir Alex Ferguson, they have produced some of the most memorable moments and seasons, including the treble-winning season of 1998-99.

Manchester City

Manchester City has risen to prominence in recent years, capturing seven titles. Their brand of football under managers like Pep Guardiola has been revolutionary, with the 2017-18 team setting a record for most points in a season.


Chelsea has claimed five titles, with Jose Mourinho’s first stint and the 2016-17 season under Antonio Conte being particularly noteworthy for their tactical astuteness and consistency.


Arsenal’s ‘Invincibles’ of 2003-04, who went an entire season unbeaten, are often cited in discussions about the greatest Premier League team ever.

Blackburn Rovers, Leicester City, and Liverpool

Other notable mentions include Blackburn Rovers and Leicester City, who have each won the title once, with Leicester’s 2015-16 victory being one of the most remarkable underdog stories in sports history.

Liverpool, despite winning the title only once, has been a consistent challenger and produced one of the best teams in recent years during the 2019-20 season.

Statistical Analysis

To objectively assess the best team, we must look at various metrics such as points accumulated, goals scored, goals conceded, and titles won.

Points Accumulated

Manchester City’s 2017-18 team holds the record for the most points in a single season with 100 points.

Goals Scored

The 2017-18 Manchester City team also scored a staggering 106 goals, showcasing their offensive prowess.

Goals Conceded

The 2004-05 Chelsea team, managed by Jose Mourinho, conceded only 15 goals all season, setting a record for the fewest goals conceded.

Titles Won

Manchester United’s 13 titles make them the most successful team in terms of championships won.

The Verdict

Considering the statistics and the impact on English football, Manchester United stands out as the best team in Premier League history till 2024.

Their sustained success over the years and the ability to reinvent themselves post-Ferguson era, maintaining a competitive edge, gives them the edge over other teams.


While the debate will continue, the numbers and achievements make a strong case for Manchester United. Their legacy in the Premier League is unmatched, and they have set the standard for excellence in English football.


Which team has won the most Premier League titles?

Manchester United has won the most Premier League titles, with 13 championships to their name.

Has any team gone unbeaten in the Premier League?

Yes, Arsenal’s ‘Invincibles’ went unbeaten throughout the 2003-04 Premier League season.

What is the highest points tally achieved in a Premier League season?

Manchester City achieved the highest points tally with 100 points in the 2017-18 season.

Which team had the best defensive record in a single Premier League season?

Chelsea had the best defensive record, conceding only 15 goals in the 2004-05 season.

Who is considered the best Premier League team till 2024?

Based on overall achievements and impact, Manchester United is considered the best Premier League team till 2024.

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