Whoopi Goldberg Net Worth: A Closer Look at the EGOT Winner

Whoopi Goldberg, born Caryn Elaine Johnson on November 13, 1955, in New York City, has had a remarkable career spanning comedy, acting, singing, and activism.

Despite facing challenges such as dyslexia and drug addiction, she emerged as an iconic figure in the entertainment industry.

Whoopi Goldberg Net Worth: A Closer Look at the EGOT Winner

Summary Of Whoopi Goldberg’s Net Worth

Aspect Details
Net Worth $60 million
Annual Salary $8 million (from The View)
Breakthrough Role “The Color Purple” (1985)
EGOT Achievements Academy Award, Grammy, Tony, Daytime Emmy
Notable Roles “Sister Act”“The Lion King”
Activism LGBT rights, HIV/AIDS awareness

Early Life and Career Beginnings

Whoopi Goldberg’s life took an interesting turn when she moved to California in the 1970s. There, she joined a theater troupe and taught comedy and acting lessons.

Director Mike Nichols discovered her during her one-woman show, The Spook Show, which eventually led to her breakthrough.

The nickname “Whoopi” stuck due to her frequent (and hilarious) flatulence on stage. As she once explained, “When you’re performing, you never really have time to go into the bathroom and close the door.

So if you get a little gassy, you’ve got to let it go.” And thus, the name “Whoopi” was born².

The EGOT Winner

Whoopi Goldberg’s net worth is estimated to be an impressive $60 million. Her journey to fame included several significant milestones:

  1. Academy Award: In 1991, she won an Academy Award for Best Actress in a Supporting Role for her performance in the film “Ghost”.
  2. Grammy Award: In 1986, she received a Grammy for Best Comedy Recording.
  3. Tony Award: In 2002, she won a Tony Award for Best Musical for her role in “Thoroughly Modern Millie”.
  4. Daytime Emmy: She also earned a Daytime Emmy for her work in “Beyond Tara: The Extraordinary Life of Hattie McDaniel”.

With these accolades, Whoopi Goldberg joined the exclusive club of EGOT winners (Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony).

Her breakout role came in 1985 with the film “The Color Purple”, which earned her an Academy Award nomination.

She continued to star in successful films like “Sister Act” (1992) and lent her voice to “The Lion King” (1994) as the character Shenzi¹.

The View and Beyond

Since 2007, Whoopi has been the co-host and moderator on the daytime talk show “The View”. While she considers it “just a job,” her candid discussions on current events and social issues have earned her a slew of Daytime Emmy nominations and one win for Outstanding Talk Show Host.

She approaches the show as a role, distinct from her conversations with friends. Her annual salary on The View is an impressive $8 million².

Notable Roles and Impact

  • Sister Act: Whoopi’s portrayal of lounge singer Deloris Van Cartier in “Sister Act” and its sequel made her one of the highest-paid actresses in Hollywood. The franchise’s success paved the way for “Sister Act 3”, with Tyler Perry attached as the producer.
  • Activism: Throughout her career, Whoopi has championed various causes, including LGBT rights and HIV/AIDS awareness.

Whoopi Goldberg’s journey from overcoming personal struggles to becoming an EGOT winner exemplifies resilience, talent, and impact. Her legacy continues to inspire generations in the entertainment world and beyond. 

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