Why Juventus is Bringing Back Leonardo Spinazzola to Replace Filip Kostic?

Juventus, one of the most storied football clubs in the world, is reportedly working on a significant transfer move.

The club is looking to bring back Leonardo Spinazzola to replace Filip Kostic, who could be on his way to Crystal Palace.

Why Juventus is Bringing Back Leonardo Spinazzola to Replace Filip Kostic?

The Strategic Need for Change

Decline in Kostic’s Performance

Filip Kostic joined Juventus in 2022 and had a solid first campaign. However, his performance levels have dropped this season, along with his goal contribution.

This decline has prompted Juventus to consider alternatives that would better fit their tactical setup and plans.

Tactical Shift to a 4-3-3 Formation

Juventus’s management is reportedly aiming to build a squad capable of interpreting a 4-3-3 formation.

Kostic, who has been playing in a system that does not align with this formation, could be ill-suited for the club’s future tactical direction.

Spinazzola’s Versatility and Experience

Leonardo Spinazzola, currently at Roma, is accustomed to playing in a four-man defense, which makes him a suitable candidate for the proposed tactical shift.

His versatility and experience in Serie A make him a valuable asset for Juventus’s defensive lineup.

The Financial Aspect

Spinazzola’s Contract Situation

Spinazzola’s contract with Roma is expiring, and renewal talks have not seen a breakthrough.

This situation presents an opportunity for Juventus to sign him on a free transfer, which would be financially advantageous for the club.

Salary Considerations

Spinazzola currently earns three million euros as net wages per season at Roma. Juventus might be able to negotiate a slight pay cut, making the deal even more financially appealing.

Boosting the Squad’s Homegrown Quota

UEFA and Serie A Regulations

Bringing back Spinazzola, a youth product of Juventus, would boost the club’s UEFA and Serie A list, which requires a certain number of homegrown players.

This move would not only strengthen the team’s defense but also help comply with league regulations.


The potential return of Leonardo Spinazzola to Juventus in place of Filip Kostic is a multifaceted decision. It encompasses tactical, financial, and regulatory considerations.

Spinazzola’s versatility, experience, and status as a homegrown player make him an ideal candidate to help Juventus transition into a new tactical era.


Why is Juventus considering replacing Filip Kostic?

Juventus is considering replacing Kostic due to his declining performance and the club’s tactical shift towards a 4-3-3 formation, which may not suit Kostic’s style of play.

What makes Leonardo Spinazzola a suitable replacement for Kostic?

Spinazzola’s experience in Serie A, his ability to play in a four-man defense, and his status as a Juventus youth product make him a suitable replacement for Kostic.

How would Spinazzola’s return benefit Juventus financially?

Spinazzola’s return could be financially beneficial as he is on an expiring contract with Roma, allowing Juventus to sign him on a free transfer. Additionally, there might be room for negotiating a lower salary.

How does Spinazzola’s return impact Juventus’s compliance with UEFA and Serie A regulations?

Spinazzola’s return would help Juventus meet the homegrown player quota required by UEFA and Serie A, as he is a product of the club’s youth system.

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